Social Media Marketing

Social Media Optimisation

It’s impossible not to be aware of the rapid rise in the popularity of what is known as Social Media. The term refers to any kind of internet site or network which involves interaction between individuals. The best known sites are Facebook and Twitter for conversation and Youtube for sharing images, audio and video. Other sites such as LinkedIn are also very useful for professional services.

The interconnectedness of Social Media presents a golden opportunity for you in designing your legal marketing strategy. Rather than relying on search engines it enables you to deploy an array of features designed to attract visitors to your website, including RSS feeds (which automatically update their content), social news, sharing, rating and polling tools.

Other techniques include maintaining ‘blogs’ (a form of web diary and commentary), commenting on other blogs, joining discussion groups and posting status updates with news and developments relevant to your services.

Social Media

Word of Mouth

In essence, Social Media Optimisation is a prime example of viral marketing, which is simply a term to describe what we once knew as ‘word of mouth’. But whereas word of mouth is a matter of chance and luck, Social Media Optimisation is under your control, designed quite consciously to raise your profile, expand your reach, grow your client base and increase your revenue.

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