SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

This is the first technical phrase to conquer and one of the most important tools in legal marketing. It sounds very ‘techie’ but all it really describes is a technique to give your business preferential placing in any list of results that are returned by a search on Google, or any other search engine.

It is all about researching and to some extent predicting the kind of search terms people will use. The Law Gazette in 2010 reported that in one month 1.2 million people searched online for legal services, 450,000 of them including the word ‘solicitors’. Here are some examples of other combinations:

  • 74,000 searches for ‘Solicitors London’
  • 22,200 each for ‘Solicitors Birmingham‘ and for ‘Conveyance Solicitors’
  • 12,100 for ‘Wills and Probate’
  • 40,500 each for Divorce Lawyer’ and ‘Divorce Solicitor
  • 22,200 for ‘Employment Law Solicitor’.

Researching Keywords

We research the common terms that people use when searching for your services. Then we will carefully strengthen your websites content to help it gain better placement on search engine results. This is done in a number of ways and is called ‘Onsite SEO’.

We can also strengthen your website’s search position by using ‘OffsitSEO“. This involves getting quality links ( backlinks ) from other websites to yours and is usually done by creating “quality” and “useful” content that others will naturally want to link to and share.

This is legal marketing at its most muscular and effective. By the careful construction of a website and quality backlinks you can be confident that you are consistently reaching the widest possible pool of potential clients, without any of the high costs of advertising and other more traditional methods of legal marketing.