So what is Pay Per Click?

It’s a form of advertising whereby the advertisers – in this case you – pay Google and other search engines to be in that yellow shaded box at the top of the page. It works as a bidding system and every time someone clicks on the link to your website, then you pay Google for that click…hence the phrase ‘Pay Per Click.’ The prices for this service will vary depending on the level of coverage and the particular keywords used. But one thing is always the same – this is not speculative advertising, it is targeted legal marketing, because people visiting your site by this route are actively looking for your services.

Google Ads for Solicitors

If you try out any solicitor search on Google, have a look at the page of results that it returns. You’ll see a that the top 4 listings and then another 4 at the botom of the listings have “Ad” beside them on the left . They’ve all been found with your search terms, but the difference is they use the Pay Per Click system to get into those top spots.

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Cost-effective Advertising

That makes Pay Per Click cheap and cost-effective as well as successful. The search terms you specify in PPC are known as ‘adwords’, and the Google Adwords service is Google’s single biggest source of revenue. In the final quarter of 2011, Google posted revenue streams of 10.8 billion dollars – up 25% on 2010 – which just goes to show how well Adwords / PPC works for marketing your business profile and services.

It is absolutely essential to get your adwords right, which is one of the most important legal marketing services we can offer you. Any adword campaign needs to be carefully managed to minimise costs and maximise on your investment.

We don’t expect you to be able to do this alone – it’s what we do for you.

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