Google Maps

This is another piece of ground-breaking technology, which as part of your legal marketing strategy can help boost your business’s revenue. Take a look at the Google home page and click on ‘Maps’. You’ll see you are given the option of a traditional graphic map or a photographic one constructed from satellite imagery.

Google MapsThe commercial application of this can’t be over-estimated. Internet users looking for particular services type their chosen search terms into the search box – for example ‘Solicitors Tunbridge Wells’. Instead of a list of relevant websites addresses they will see a satellite map of their chosen location and markers for all the solicitors’ practices in the area. When they click on a marker they’ll see the street address, the website address and an option to see physical directions to the practice.

But the technology doesn’t end there. It is now possible to embed Google Maps into your own website incorporating your own brand and style, and by integrating the map listing into your site, you will also be found on a normal search and not just a ‘Map’ search.

You can offer tools to resize the map, provide customised searches, and create stylised maps for a branded looks. You can even simplify Google Maps by removing non-essential features. And once you’ve got the map that suits your business you can start attracting advertising, thereby creating additional revenue almost literally out of thin air. As with every other aspect of internet marketing, the exploitation of Google Maps requires expertise. Building a good map listing is a science and we are experts in that field. Getting maps onto the first page of any search results is what we do.

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