Online Marketing Consultation For Legal Services

Solicitors Online Marketing offer a Consultancy Service For Solicitors and Law Firms and would like to offer you the chance to take advantage of some invaluable advice.

Could this be the best investment you ever made online?

As part of our Consultancy Service For Solicitors and Law Firms we will tell you exactly what you should be doing and how to do it.

We will deep dive into your current marketing plan and help you make sense of it. If you are using another agency then why not let somebody else take a look to make sure everything is in order?

How do you know we understand Online Marketing ?

  • Number 1 for Solicitors Marketing on all major search engines

  • We own our own law firm sites that are highly ranked, we do not just preach online marketing we practice it too

  • We generate hundreds of leads already for solicitors and law firms on a daily basis

  • We have cut many solicitors marketing fees drastically

  • We have supplied thousands of leads to solicitors and law firms over the last two years

  • We help law firms of all sizes, from solo practitioners to multi discipline law firms

Case Study


A small high street solicitor with 5 staff was paying for Search Engine Optimisation and AdWords every month with the promise of being number 1 organically on Google for the serch phrase “Lincoln Accident Helpline”.  To his amazement he acheives the number 1 position on Google after just 8 weeks and is therefore happy to keep paying for the service.


  There are no searches for “Lincoln Accident Helpline” so being on the 1st position on Google is going to make little difference to his business and will not generate new enquiries.


  Thorough research needs to take place to understand what your ideal client is searching for on the internet when they require your services.  We then need to establish where you currently rank for that search.  We then look to see if it is a realisitc opportunity to acehive a 1st page position for that search phrase.  Is the answer is yes we put together a SEO package with set objectives to meet and a cost relative to the work involved.  If it is not realistic to acheive 1st page (due to competition or your business focus) then we look for other relevant phrases to work on.

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  • Do you know how effective your marketing is

  • What tools do you use to determine what is working for you

  • Are you generating enquiries with a postive ROI

  • Do you have any idea what you are getting for your money

  • What is Social Media delivering by way of actual Leads

  • Are you paying too much for hosting and email marketing

  • Why is it important to be found online

  • Are you doing Google Adwords already and is it working for you