Form Submits, Phone Calls or Solicitors Online Marketing Live Chat


For years now Online Marketing Professionals have been auditing websites for improvements in engagements/enquiries and putting forms on pages was seen as a quick solution.  I believe we now need to now review this as does it really achieve what is required?

Is asking someone to fill in a form like telling someone who walks into your reception to talk to a solicitor to email as you are busy?

Do forms received by your Business Development Executive or Solicitor carry the same weight of importance as a phone call received?

Do you respond to all form submits in a timely fashion?

Inside Sales recently reported that phone calls received have 100% contact rates however form submits only receive 29% contact rate.

This suggests that you lose 7 in 10 enquiries when the form submit was pushed as the 1st choice for engagement.

We also must address that mobile search has overtaken desktop search so should we taking better advantage of the potential future client holding a phone in their hand to all on whilst filling in a form could be deemed hard work?

The growth in Chat Software, Automated Chat and Live Chat Services is a hybrid between a form and a conversation.  You can use this to welcome your future client, be on hand for any questions your website does not answer and create an opportunity to capture a lead which you will have 100% contact rate with.

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