Solicitor Referrals, Recommendations….How about New Business?

Referrals, recommendations….How about New Business?



How busy is your practice, could you be booking more hours ?

What percentage of your work load is from recommendation?

Would you like more new business?

How can people find you online?

How much of your website traffic is by your company name?

Why are you not being found for your services?


If you are a Family Law Solicitor in Birmingham, type this into Google. Are you visible on page 1? Why not?

If you are a Personal Injury Lawyer Liverpool, type these words into Google, are you there?

Somebody is already looking after my online marketing/SEO/SEM etc etc, but are they? Why is your phone not ringing off the hook with new business ?

If you do not act now to rank your website then you will be left behind. Google does not view websites as large or small companies, those who invest in their website are investing in their long term future business.


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