Do You Know How many People Are Looking At Your Website ?

Do you know how many people are looking at your website?

Incredibly most solicitors do not know how many people are looking at there websites on a daily or even weekly basis or more importantly how their websites have been found. In fact most solicitors websites are not being found!

This is one of the most basic errors of marketing that we come across in our quest to help solicitors with there Legal Marketing. Having access to this basic information is a necessity and will help you understand how you can go about getting more people looking at your website.

Google Analytics can help you find out all the information you need to know about your website. It is one of many free tools that Google has to offer people. Google analytics can tell which search was made to find you, the search engine they used to find you, the phrase that was typed in and how long they spent on your website.

Are people finding you for your brand name or through a directory ?

Is anybody finding you for the services you provide ?

Or the areas that you operate in ?

Where are the visitors to your website based ?

All these questions need answers and when answered will help you to get a better understanding of your website and how it is performing in the search engines.

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