Employment Leads | Pay Per Enquiry

Does your employment department need more enquiries ? There are thousands of people looking for employment solicitors. People are looking online for employment specialists for a wide range of employment issues, from race discrimination to unfair dismissal.

Every month search engines are being asked questions like;

Have I been unfairly dismissed ?

Characteristics of discrimination law ?

Unfair dismissal discrimination ?

Can I claim unfair dismissal for discrimination ?

Can you receive compensation for unfair dismissal and discrimination ?

Compensation for unfair dismissal and racial discrimination ?

We have a panel of employment lawyers that have been dealing with enquiries through our www.unfairdismissals.co.uk website. This system has been a huge success and we have decided to roll the same system out to help employment departments to gain there own enquiries.

We are simply going to replicate the system we already have in place. We will push the enquiries directly into your website. You only pay for enquiries. All enquiries are genuine.


Who are the enquiries from ? The enquiries are from people searching online for an employment solicitor.

What if my competitor wants to use the system too ? We take one client per area to ensure no conflicts of interest.

What if I get too many enquiries ? We simply turn it off until you need more.

How will I be billed ? You will be billed every month.

Can you provide any firm with enquiries ? Yes any SRA regulated solicitors firm can benefit

How much is it ? Calls and emails start from as little as £25 per enquiry

Are there any contracts? No

Is this compliant ? Yes we are licensed by the MOJ, have a CRM license (29008) all the leads are inbound and sourced according to the codes and conduct of the SRA.

Added Benefits:

All calls can be tracked and recorded enabling you to monitor how the calls are being handled by your staff. Email alerts for missed calls. Never miss a call again. Tried and tested system using our unique web tracking and call tracking software.

One solicitor per area. Find out if your area is available now. Enquiries offered on a first come first served basis. Set up fee may apply. Costs vary dependant on the area you operate in. Set up fees may apply.