Consultancy Service For Law Firms And Solicitors

With so much confusion in the marketplace and so many ‘SEO Experts’ and ‘Law Firm Consultants’ to chose from it is difficult to know who is who.

Solicitors Online Marketing are running a consultancy service for solicitors and law firms and would like to offer you the chance to take advantage of some invaluable advice.

Our fee ? £100 per hour. Could this be the best investment you ever made online ? We will tell you exactly what you should be doing and how to do it.

Do you get inundated with emails from companies telling you they can get you number one on Google, buy a domain name from us, do Google Adwords with us, host your emails for as little as a £1, let us do your twitter, let us do your facebook etc etc.

With so much noise in the market place how can you tell who is giving you the facts and who are looking to profit from you and your organisation with no real gain for you ?

Take law firm A, a small high street solicitor with 5 staff. He is paying for SEO and adwords every month with the promise of being number 1 for ” Lincoln Accident Helpline ” To his amazement he is number 1 after just 8 weeks and is happy to keep paying for the service. However there are no searches for “Lincoln Accident Helpline” so being number 1 is going to make little difference.

Or how about law firm B, a mid tier firm with multiple partners, they are paying an ad agency/web designers/online marketing company thousands for their SEO/Advertising, they are told they must pay more as they have more partners (hmm sounds strange)

Or law firm C, they have been advised to buy some links from a company, they only cost £600 and will help with the SEO and help you get ranked above your competitors. They buy the links only to be hit with a penalty by Google because the links were deemed as spam!

Or law firm D, they are paying £35 a month for hosting. The hosting is shared, they are being hosted along with another 1207 other websites leaving them open to malware and hackers. Is that you ? Do you know where your website is hosted ?

Do you know how effective your marketing is ?

What tools are being used to determine what is working for you ?

Have you been using a marketing company and do they supply you with clients ?

Do you have any idea what you are getting for your money ?

Are you using Twitter and Facebook and if so what are you getting in return ?

Are you paying too much for hosting and email marketing ?

Why is it important to be found online ?

Are you doing Google Adwords already and is it working for you ?

If you need answers to these questions and anything relevant to online marketing then simply Email us to book an appointment. We will use some simple screen sharing software to show you where you are going wrong.

How do you know we understand Online Marketing ?

  • We are number 1 for ‘Solicitors Marketing’ on all major search engines
  • We own our own law firm sites that are highly ranked, we do not just preach online marketing we practice it too!
  • We generate hundreds of leads already for solicitors and law firms on a daily basis
  • We have cut many solicitors marketing fees drastically
  • We have supplied thousands of leads to solicitors and law firms over the last two years

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