Beware of Free Solicitors Website Audits


You will often receive emails from third parties offering you a free audit for your website you need to be very cautious of these introductions.

We often have our clients forward on these emails asking if they should take advantage of this offer.  On occasion these emails will often suggest that after an initial audit they have found numerous problems.

We would always advise against engaging with these “fishing” tactics and it is not because we fear our work being looked at, it is because their intentions are usually fraudulent.

If our clients require an independent audit, we take the time to educate them on free tools available to them, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.  These free tools can often provide you with all you need to know about the health and performance of your website.  We also have several third-party tools as well as in-house tools which will provide them with independent data and scoring.

We provide the same free audits for solicitor’s website to companies whom are not clients of ours.  If you would like an independent website audit to establish the health of your current website please contact us.  We also offer auditing of your solicitor’s search engine marketing strategy and any solicitors paid search (AdWords) you may be currently undergoing.

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