Beware Of Cheap SEO For Solicitors !

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 We have been speaking with many clients of late , old and new, existing and potential and a lot are coming to us saying how prices are varying widely for online marketing and SEO. How does somebody decide how much to pay for online marketing?
  • What is a fair price for Legal Marketing ?
  • Am I paying too much ?
  • How can I monitor how my investment is working if I do spend money on SEO ?

So how much is SEO and what does it depend on ? Investing in SEO is like buying a car. What do you want and how do you want to do it. Do you want to be the top company for Personal Injury in the UK ? Or do you want your website to be found for local phrases like Solicitors in Leeds ? You need to have a look at the results, mainly who is top 3 at the moment and have they done everything they need to do to become top 3 ? How do you do that, by looking at their pages, links and content in the main ( page rank and site structure and hosting and….)

With the explosion of the internet and online marketing spend comes an explosion in people/companies who claim to know how to do SEO. To understand SEO you need to understand how search engines work and have experience in actually promoting a website through the ranks. This is essential. And this is where it breaks down !

Lots of people will talk keywords, key-phrases etc but most do not understand how they are going to go about getting a website ranked. These companies are likely to charge a monthly fee and then tell you that in six months you will be ranked highly. So you go and pay the monthly fees and wait. And wait. And wait ! Eventually you realise that you are not getting a return on your investment and you contact the company. They say “Oh well we are sorry we tried” and you lose your money AND the time waiting to get your website ranked.

If somebody or a company are saying that they will do your SEO for £200-£300 per month RUN. Cheap SEO for Solicitors will cost you time and money. Try and find somebody/A company that has proven results in your industry who is going to be able to explain how they will get you results. For example if you need to be found for Personal Injury then make sure you find somebody, like us, who has managed to get a website ranked for Personal Injury.